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suequotes's Journal

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All Members , Moderated
[ Moderated by mice, aka babyjanewoods]
[For creator of suequotes and marysues, _redpanda_, aka kielle ]

For posting funny things (or occasionally deep) said on marysues, deleterius, pottersues, or any of their sister communities. A full list of sister Mary Sue sites is found on marysues.

  • Quotes must be from the above-mentioned comms or relatives therof.
  • Quotes can be multi-comment, just make sure to credit everyone.
  • Italicizing quotes from the the original fanfic (if necessary) helps.
  • Use the LJ-Cut for spoilers and (potentially) offensive quotes.
  • No quoting from locked/private entries sans permission. This is a bannable offense.
  • Keep 'em short -- if we have to click the scroll bar, it's too long.
  • Keep 'em simple -- if you need more than a short sentence to explain, don't bother.
  • Credit all quotes by a link to the LJ/comm where you found 'em.
  • Humorless whining about quotes you don't like is boring. Don't.

    DISCLAIMER: If you find one of your characters/stories referenced here, deal. By posting to the Internet your work has technically become public domain insofar as reviews are concerned. We are allowed to express our opinion of your, er, ideas, and we are legally allowed to reproduce pieces of your work (properly credited, without alteration) for review purposes. Cope.